Drag and Drop Tetris

So. Developers of all things - Windows, calculators, DAWs, spreadsheets. WHY is it that no-one has sat down and made it so that the window that we just dragged something out of (with the intention of dropping it somewhere else of course) MINIMIZES, and each window we are hovering over comes to the front?

Imagine having a 1200x600 window, out of which you need to drag and drop stuff onto the Project. Easy peasy you say. Depending on where the items that need dragging are, you position the plug-in window off-screen, so that only that specific region of interest is visible. Ok, but depending on the project, this might not be the ideal location at all, which leads to having a pleasant break playing Drag and Drop Tetris, where you try to scroll and navigate just so that the specific project position for the drop shows in an opening among all the windows, parts, automation, stuff.

Why? Why hasn’t anyone (primarily from Microsoft and Windows I mean) sat down to implement this? I mean ok, a bouncer is the “face” of the door, the main feature. He is supposed to be there and obvious. But when it’s time to let you through, he actually steps aside and lets you through. He doesn’t keep standing there in the way and you sidle past him, right?

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Good idea!

The closest to this on Windows, somewhat more cumbersome but fortunately with one plus because the windows can be maximized, is when you drag something to the taskbar, on the icon of the running application that you want to drag to. Another way, is starting the drag and before dropping, pressing Alt+Tab on the keyboard to choose the target application.

Dragging and dropping a window to either side of the screen (left/right), or pressing the Windows key together with the left or right arrow key on the keyboard, to make it snap to one side and then choosing another application from the pop up list for the other side, is nice for a quick 50/50 split, to then drag and drop or copy/cut and paste things between the two sides.

These I use all the time, but something like a keyboard key combo while dragging, for a special drag and drop, would be convenient in some cases.

Edit: forgot to say, nice topic title!


Thanks for the good tips @augustenz !

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