Drag audio from project to external VST

Title speaks for itself: can we please have the ability to drag audio directly from project to external sampler VST such as NI Battery? I know we had an update to be able to drag audio from MediaBay to VST a while ago but this is not nearly as useful as being able to drag it directly from project.

Please, Steinberg!

Think the feature request needs to go rather to Native Instruments. There are alot of 3rd Party VSTs (for example UVI Falcon) that support VST-Xml (which is the Format Cubase uses when drag-and-dropping files). Sadly it seems like Native Instruments does not see the need to add Support for this (or VST3 in this case as well) :confused:

So the fact that in Ableton we can do this is just kind of a lucky thing since NI and Ableton both use the same format then? That kinda sucks if Steinberg has no control over this