Drag Chordpad to instrument track - Only 1 Bar Long ?

When I drag a chordpad onto the instrument Track - it comes in at 1 bar long.
How can you make the pad come in at Other lengths than 1 Bar OR what method
can you use to stretch the midi info to 2 or 2.14 bars once it is on the instrument Track?

Just cmd+K dupe the event means that it sounds 2 x … once at bar 1 and bar 2.
Thanks, Robert


These just common MIDI data once you put it to the Instrument track. Open Key Editor and change the length. Or use the Sizing Apply Time Stretch in the Project window, please.

Thanks for your great reply and – Sizing applies Time stretch worked great
When I open the key editor and extend the midi
The Midi sound STOPS at the end of Bar 1 and totally cuts out even tho the midi extends past bar 2 when dragged.


When you extend the MIDI Notes in the Key Editor, you should also extend the MIDI Part itself in the Project window.

ok thanks