Drag copied selection "down" without losing place in timeline?

Hello all

I previously used Cubase AI5 on a Mac.

I’m trying out Cubase Elements 8 on the Mac.
My OS is Low Sierra (10.12).

What I’m trying to do:
I have an audio track with music recorded.
I also have a second track “below” the first one.
I want to select a portion of the audio track, then “drag off a copy” downward and “drop it” into the second track below.
I want to “constrain” the movement so that the “copy” doesn’t lose its place in the timeline (i.e., move left or right).

In Cubase AI5 (and earlier), I was able to do this by:

  1. Select portion using selection tool
  2. Hold down “command+option”, then grab the selection with the “hand” cursor and “drag-n-drop” it over the lower track.
    Quick and easy.

This command combination no longer seems to work in CE8.

Is there a keyboard command that does what I need to do (drag a copy downward while constraining its position in the timeline)?

Is there a way I can assign this to “command+option”?
I can’t seem to find where to do it in the Key Commands menu.