Drag&Drop and/or copy insert Effect Plugin to another track

Inset Effect Channel:

Drag & Drop a Plugin with all settings from One Track to another track via mouse.

And copy an insert Plugin with all settings to another track via mouse.

The plugin will be added at the end of the insert chain of the desired track.


This has been a feature in Cubase for many years. You can copy a plugin from one track to another by holding down “option” and click/dragging it to another track, to any insert position you want. To move an insert you can simply click and drag a plugin to another track and it will move to that track and insert position.

Unless you mean something else…?

Hi In Stereo, thanks for your reply.

You are right. That one works whithin the mixconsole window, perfect! :smiley:

I wanted that function for the arragement window, too.

I often use the “e-Button” for viewing the plugins.
And i have a shortcut for my external midi controller for that.
And then dragging from that window “Kanaleinstellungen” to another track in the arrangement window.

Actually i do not work with a permanent mixconsole window while having an external midi controller.
That´s my actual workflow for the moment…