Drag & Drop behavior on multitimbral instrument (Stylus RMX)

I’m sure this question can be applied to any multitimbral VSTi.

So I’ve got separate outputs for Stylus RMX (each element of a groove to a separate track & output). The thing I’m questioning is why does Cubase add a new surplus MIDI track AS WELL AS a new track by the name of the element when I drag and drop it to the project window?

Basically, I don’t need the surplus MIDI track. Does anyone know whether this is a bug or just Cubase behavior?


Im not in front of my DAW right now but i believe it’s in Pref>MIDI and you check/uncheck (forgot which one) the option for Auto Dissolve format zero (something like that). That should work. It’s been like this for years in Cubase and I used to notice it with RMX. Whenever I upgrade I have to go back in and change it. Not sure why someone woud need the xtra MIDI file/track for anyways. hope that works

you legend, that did it… thanks!

…and also do you know where the option to turn off the creation of a track when loading up a Rack Instrument lives?