Drag & drop doesn't work as should GA4

Okay so there’s a pattern in GA4 I want to drag into Cubase. I drag it in and it doesn’t play back the pattern correctly.

Same here

Maybe you guys has auto-quantize on in Cubase? Maybe this could spoil the timing a bit of the grooves? Is it home-made patterns, or some of the groove patterns you’re using? Then I could try it out…


I am experiencing the same thing. it worked great the first day .
now when I drag and drop the loop the hi hats are missing? these are the stock programed beats.it plays them ok,but they don’t transfer the same
any thoughts ?

Activate midi port B for the patterns. It is a small icon on the bottom left next to the lock.
Basically, patterns keys have priority over sample keys. And there are samples on the same key as patterns. When you drag the midi into the DAW, it plays back all the needed keys, but some of them are patterns and the loop plays weird. Separate the pattern from the samples placing patterns on midi port B is the solution.
Once you activate midi port B you’ll see two GA output in the inspector track. One for samples and one for patterns.

Thanks Bliss…Still some other quirks …
In one project I have all the reggae styles at hand …

then in others no reggae?

this seems to apply to other categories ie no number indicating the choices available…
thanks …?

Hi Pasul,
Maybe it is because you have selected “acoustic agent studio kit” at the top of the page, and it doesn’t contain reggae. While the other one has “all instruments set”.