Drag & Drop from Arrangement into Vst ????

isnt it possible to drag a clip directly into the interface of a 3rd party vst ?
I want to use Slicex and drag my cutted Clip directly from the arrange windo into the plugin, but it wont let me…only from the media bay !

Thank you

Hi and welcome,

What kind of part/clip do you want to move to the VSTi? In theory, you can drag-and-drop MIDI Part or Audio Event to the plug-in, if the plug-in supports it.

Well I tried it with Kontakt also…I have an audio clip in the arrange window on a track and I want to srag it into slicex vst that is open.
But I can only import audio files from within the mediabay somehow…surprisingly there is no problem with groove agent se…there I can drag anything from the arrangement window…this would be really sad…;(

Then it’s most probably plug-in (or library) issue.

Ok thank you anyway :wink: