Drag & drop Midi clips to Cubase


I know it’s a bit unfair to ask for a new feature the day one of the most awaited comes in (speaking of Track Delay, of course!)…

However, I frequently need to edit some Midi parts with functions that only exist in Cubase (advanced quantize, legato, logical edit…) and it will be really helpful if we could drag & drop VL clips to Cubase, as the opposite works perfectly. Copy from VL and Paste to Cubase would do the job as well.

Another cool function in VL would be Clip repetition, as real or phantom copies.

Thank you for hearing us :smiling_face:

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We do not support using Cubase and VST Live at the same time, sorry.

Oh! Sorry to read that… However, dragging and dropping Midi containers from Cubase to VST Live works like a charm.

I love the new Inspector :+1:t3: