Drag-drop of MIDI file from MediaBay loses name?

When I drag a MIDI clip from MediaBay onto a MIDI track the name changes from the name in MediaBay to the name of the MIDI track. For example, if I drag three different MIDI clips on to the same MIDI track all the clips end up with the same name which isn’t really helpful!!

Is this a bug, or intentional? Just seems a bit of a strange way to do it


There’s a Pref, Parts Get Track Names, see if it’s checked.

That wasn’t checked, but checking it didn’t affect the way the clip was named. Looks like that affects what happens if you move a clip from one track to another - if it’s checked then the clip is renamed to the name of the new track, if it’s not checked then it keeps it’s original name

HOWEVER … I’ve just found what I think is causing it. The particular MIDI files I’m having the issue with are from Groove Monkee (drum clips) and they provide “Multitrack”, “Single Track” and “Single Track Type 0” versions of each clip. If I drag “Single Track Type 0” files from MediaBay the name is changed, whereas if I drag files that are just “Single Track” then the name is retained. Dragging either from Windows Explorer retains the name in both cases.

Seems strange that dragging from MediaBay has a different effect as dragging from the file system, but at least the problem is workaroundable :slight_smile:


I believe this is the way type 0 is supposed to work. It allows multiple tracks, WITH TRACK NAMES, and instrument information to be put into one MIDI file. So the file would have the name of the song, for example, and the tracks would each be named for the instrument.

Granted this is really old. But does Cubase still allow you drag and drop midi files to and from the media bay into the strange window?

It’s a very big deal for me.