Drag&drop or "Create track" from MediaBay doesn't work after content updated

I updated Halion 6 content offered by Download Manager (Anima, Auron, B-Box, Eagle, HALiotron, Hot Brass, Model C, Raven, Skylab, Studio Strings, Trium, Voltage, World Percussions) and then I start Cubase (12.0.52) and open MediaBay, open VST Sounds and then select Anima folder. Then I select any preset and nothing happens. Trying Auron - the same.

At the same time if I load HSSE and load any preset from mentioned above libraries in the HSSE slots - everything works perfectly.

Trying to drag&drop any other preset that was not updated - no problems.

So, is it somehow relative to new MediaBay? If so, why Download Manager offered me to update these libraries, if I don’t have appropriate plugin upgraded? I mean upgrade Halion6 to Halion7.

Further investigation

Restored these libraries from my backup to prior version stored in 2019. Now everything is working and I can drag&drop these presets from MediaBay.

Also doubleclick and “Create track” from rightclick popup menu now works as it should.


These libraries are for Halion Sonic 7. I think so, because the problem was when they was updated, MediaBay was trying to load them with HSSE3, because I didn’t have Halion Sonic 7 installed.

Now, when libraries are restored, MediaBay is trying to load presets of those libraries in Halion Sonic 3 and done it with success.


Download Manager should not offer to update libraries while customer don’t upgrade player and sampler.

the update works fine with HALion Sonic SE 3 as well as HALiuon Sonic 7.
It also works fine in older Cubase versions and HS3 or HSSE 3 versions.
Have you tried to load the content using HSSE Browser? Have you tried to re scanned Mediabay in Cubase?
Can you please explain more in detailed what you did?

I didn’t rescan. Okay, if you say everything should work I will update again and will report.
So can I be sure that Download Assistant offer only those updates relevant to versions I have?

@FraSe, I cannot find a button that could initiate rescan database. I see there is command Refresh View, but it only do a refresh of the view. Also rescan disk is available on disks, not VST sounds.

Yes, you will only get the latest versions available and you must have an older version on your system