Drag & drop sets same routing to new channel

Hey, I have set up a audio track with no output and stereo out as the input.
With this “resample” track I can record audio while messing around with Vst parameters for sounddesign in realtime.
After finisning a recording I drag the audio from the resample track to a blanc space at the bottom so that cubase automatically puts the audio file on an auomatically created new audio track.
The problem is that cubase will automatically set the routing of the new track to the same as the resample channel.
So I have to change the routing of the new track to “stereo in” as the input and “stereo out” as the output everytime I do this, so the audio of the new track will be sent to the master bus.
Is there any way that I can set that in the options so that cubase won’t copy the routing?


Cubase choose the default Input and Output, which you can define in VST Connections >Inputs/Outputs (marked by the orange speaker).

If you want to copy the settings of the track, just Duplicate the track, and delete the data in the original track.

I just want to be able to drag the audio material from the resample channel to a blanc space under the existing tracks, so that cubase automatically creates an audio channel with the audio sample on it. the problem is that it will copy all settings from the channel from which I dragged over to the new one. the only method I know to prevent that is that I set up the audio channel manually before and then dragging the sample onto that channel. bummer though because that will slow down the workflow. hence I asked If i can prevent cubase from copying the tracks settings and routing.