Drag & Drop the dots

It’s been a while since this request has been made, so I figured it was time for it to come back. Use case to be able to select a note or group of notes and drag them to a new location on the staff, or move them to another. My current need centers around writing cues for a video. It would make it easier to reposition cues to the current markers. I see drag & drop happen in two flavors; high and drag replacing the content in the new location, and holding down the alt/ctrl/shift, or a combination thereof, and inserting the notes between the existing note shifting those notes to the right. This should be part of the ‘Play’ functions.

What would also be sweet is if I could drag the Playhead.


You can Alt -click, which will copy the selection to the click point, even if the selection ‘eats itself’. Insert mode on/off does over-write versus shift everything right.

oooh bumping threads in this forum is frowned on.

option->right arrow is your friend. Change the rythmic grid for big changes.
alt-click for other things.

I do understand your frustration, but it’s been a while since the last big update, so nothing is likely to have changed since it was last brought up, and nothing will change until the next big update (early next year). No idea if these things will be included.