drag & drop

is it possible to drag & drop audio files to arrange page?

It is possible in Windows, from the Windows file explorer.
I don’t know about others, but this is a basic feature that should work.

It is possible in Windows

Same deal on the Mac OS.

I use media bay and drag and drop works great

i scan the folder with the wav files in it (drums on demand for me) thru media bay

then in media bay o go to that folder and i can listen and test any i like, in sync with the project, and if i like that loop i grab it and drag and drop it in the arranger window on a track

how do I open windows file explorer?
I click on C and the go to the folder that contains files,but when I drag it dosent drop an audio file.

Are you dragging single files or trying this with the complete folder? The latter won’t work.

single files

Should work is all I can say, does here.