Drag-Importing multiple takes - straight to a single track as Lanes?

If I want to select a handful of wav files (let’s say approx. 30) in macOS and drag them into a track in Cubase – they are all ‘start from 0’ takes that I want to comp via Lane view – what is an efficient way to have them end up one a single track, but on separate lanes?

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Sorry, I’m afraid there is no way to do this automatically.

EDIT: Here is what seems to be the most efficient method currently

-Create new track
-Drag all files onto the track at once (either from Pool or from the Finder)
-Choose ‘One Track’ from the dialog prompt (rather than ‘Different Tracks’)
-Right-click on one of those Events and choose Move > Events to Origin
-Now all takes are layered at the same start point, open Lanes and right-click the first lane and choose ‘Clean Up Lanes’

Thank you everyone who’s contributed to help refine this process

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Hi - does seem a bit convoluted… :wink:

I sort of remember something about a function for converting Tracks to Lanes, which might help; I’ll try and search the manual for clues…

Oh, and agreed, the workflow you describe is not ‘weird’ in the least.

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Would this help?

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Adding the Move > Events to Origin command was definitely a missing link my current approach. Thank you!

How to QUICKLY Import multiple TAKES into Cubase for comping! - YouTube - The solved answer in video form with a macro to make it even more efficient!

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