Drag MIDI / Audio from project to Media Bay

Hi there!

Is that possible? drag a project event (midi or audio) back to Media Bay.
I want to save little pieces of audio / midi improvisations back to media bay so I can use them later.
Is there a way to do this without going into menus and saving options?

Thanks a lot!.

No you can’t do that with Media Bay.

However if you used the Export dialog to save the files, (or if Media Bay could do that) you would as part of the saving process need to specify a Windows Folder location where it gets saved.

What you can do is open Windows Explorer to that folder and drag and drop from Cubase into Explorer. If you’ve setup Media Bay to scan this folder the files will now show up in Media Bay.

Thanks raino,

I can drag MIDI events into window explorer, but not audio, and same should apply for tracks, fx’s, and every media type.
That’s such a wasted opportunity there :confused: