Drag n Drop to Media Bay

What happened to Drag n Drop to Media Bay.
I C8 I was able to drag my audio files directly to MediaBay.

Please check this video to understand what I’m talking about:


It seems this feature has been removed?

Any idea how to get it back?

Can’t believe nobody miss this feature. It was so useful, why was it removed?


i’d like to know if you can descibe how you where doing that ?

you mean from cubase >>> to mediabay right ?

i wish it would be possible - it would save me a HUGE amount of time when editing foley recording / resampling synth and various stuff for fx…

otherwise drag and drop from mediabay to cubase is working for me

also note : i’m on windows 8.1 and i am forced to run Cubase as Administrator (because of Jbridge to work)
then no more drag and drop possible from explorer to cubase.


I haven’t really switched to 8.5 yet because of this…

I’ve never known D&D from Cubase to MediaBay…or dragging anything TO MediaBay. All MB files are referenced from folders declared by checking folders within MB’s file structure tree and D&D isn’t possible, nor would MB know where to store these files if one did drop them in. Are you confussing MB with Groove Agent?!

A nice workaround which I use to drag files from arrange window to Melodyne :


Also works with audio pool (haven’t tried with MediaBay but it should work if MB supports standard dnd).


is the compatibility list up to date ?

I really hope this great feature will be restored in Cubase 9.

I’m shocked they really removed it. it was extremely handy to me.

It would be great if somebody from Steinberg could confirm. removing great features with new updates is not the smarter move.


AFAIK dragging n dropping INTO media bay has never been possible…

Please check the following video:


does Steinberg have an excuse for removing such a user-workflow friendly function?

isnt C8.5 meant to be more “user friendly” according to your advertising? how is removing this more user friendly?


oh and how many years will we have to wait to drag and drop from mediabay to 3rd party plugins such as Battery? still waiting after more than 5 years of bringing this to your attention…


if you want drag and drop audio into Media Bay (Cubase 8.5, Windows) follow steps:

  1. Prepare your sound (cut, normalize, etc.), then bounce audio using Right mouse on audio -> Audio -> Bounce selection
  2. Having selected bounced audio file change its filename on top-left on “Info line” field
  3. Open Pool Window form Media menu (Ctrl+P) and open MediaBay (F5) and make sure to see “Define locations” panel (folder tree) in MediaBay. Perfect if you are working on dual monitor workspace - place pool on the left monitor, MediaBay on right.
  4. Expand “Audio” folder in Pool (+), locate your bounced file, and drag it from Pool to MediaBay releasing it on folder’s name on the left panel of MediaBay (“define locations” window)
  5. Done. Now edit attributes - all added/edited attributes are inserted straight into wav file - at the end as XML. So you can share your sounds/loops with key/tempo/other attribute included to wav file.

I hope it helps.

Why was it remove? any official response would be much appreciated.