Drag n drop wav clip

Hello CB forum.
This may sound silly to most you but when I try to drag a Wav sound clip into a project I get an error message that says ERROR WRONG MEDIA. But a clip which is MP3 drops in ok.Windows 7 ultimate CB8.
Can anyone please advise. Thank you.

Will the same wav file/s load ok from the file/import menu??

No I get the same error message when using the CB import menu. The sound clip is on a sound effects CD
which I have used before but not recently. Could there be something in CB8 set up that that needs be checked.
Thanks for your response.

What properties has does this wav file.
Is this maybe a broadcast wav? Or a surround file?

Thank you I will check.
It’s a bit odd because Iv’e used clips off this cd in the past without a problem.

When you say it’s on a CD…is it physically from the CD you’re trying to copy it?

Try copying it to your hard drive first if that’s the case.

Files on CD are by nature “write protected” and Cubase (and programs using these files) don’t generally agree to use these files directly from the CD as programs need to save, write, change and move around files so you need to copy the files to your hard drive. Odd that you have used files from the CD before? Maybe Cubase copied the files to the Audio folder in the Project folder?