Drag notes with the mouse/pen

I have tried to find out if I can change note pitch by dragging with my Wacom pen (or mouse). Please confirm that I am right to find that it isn’t possible.
(I really miss a comprehensive manual where such things could be checked in a systematic search - any news about when we can expect that?)

Mouse-dragging does not work for changing notes; you have to use the keyboard shortcuts, as far as I can tell. But they are really well structured so after a short while you just get used to it!

I’ve found that the search feature here in the forums is a great start. Click the little wrench to the right of the search box (upper right corner of the screen), enter the search terms, select “Dorico” in the search options box, then hit search.

From what I read, Steinberg is hiring/has hired a writer to work on the manual, so they will have one published once it’s ready.