Drag parts lo the right in Cubase takes forever

If I have the project page zoomed in and want to copy a part later in the project, dragging to the right takes forever. While holding the mouse, the right side of the project scrolls so slowly. Any workarounds?

There are 2 Key Commands in the Zoom section that are useful.

Zoom MEM will take your current zoom and remember it. Zoom ZAP returns you to that remembered zoom state.

So you could

  1. Use Zoom MEM
  2. Use Zoom Full to see entire Project (you could combine these 1st 2 steps in a Macro)
  3. Move your Part
  4. use Zoom ZAP to return to your initial zoom.

Yes, that can be tricky. The Zoom commands suggested in the previous post may work for you. In addition, explore using the Range copy functions.

There’s no way to get around that zit-zit-zit slow drag-right behavior that I know of. I’ve seen the same sort of thing in most programs – like spreadsheets, word processors. Anyway, this is probably not what you were hoping for but at least you know we’re all in the same boat on this. Once in a while it bugs me, but, for the most part, I don’t think about it.

I find the “select cursor to end” and the other similar ones helpful.

Thanks folks, I’ve used similar workarounds, I was just hoping maybe I missed something.

You could copy and paste instead?

You’re all PC users, but its exactly the same on a Mac.

Its dreadful in this day of 4k 60fps gaming, and I’m browsing this forum in a web browser with beautifully scrolling text, graphics and movies.

Its really just a sign of the very old graphics system behind Cubase. Funny how its much better in Cubasis on the iPad though?

You’re welcome. I put some Zoom controls in my Generic Remote and have those assigned to Pads on my MIDI Controller. This helps work around having to drag right. The “Insert Silence” function may also help with your workflow if you’re not using it. After a few years, I still don’t make full enough use of Range editing.

To insert silence, select Edit > Range > Insert Silence.
(check your version OM for most current information).


Good luck. :slight_smile:

I do use "Insert Silence’ quite a bit but I can’t see a use for it in this context.

The point I’m making is we should try to work so that we don’t run into that kind of situation. I’m not sure what your exact context here is, and there’s 200 ways to do things all of them fine, but the range editing and zoom controls help me not wind up having to deal with that annoying drag right thing.

It would be great if they correct that. I’d bug report it and see what happens.

Maybe I will although it’s been like this ever since I can remember.