Drag staff in layout

For 20 staffs. When manually adjusting staff-spacing I can alt+drag eg. staff 6 down, I have staff 6-20 fold down. Or, if I alt-drag up staff 6, I get staff 1-6 to fold upwards. But how to I get the opposite? Dragging 6 up and expanding 6-20?

This has been asked many times. Here’s a thread from 5 years ago.

The only way I can think to accomplish this is manually, one by one: Select 6–19 and shift up a bit, deselect 19 and shift up the same amount, repeat …

Honestly, I have never done this. I rely on Dorico’s excellent collision avoidance and when I have a page that’s spaced too wide, I use an alternate page template with bigger top & bottom margins.