whyohwhy can Cubase not do drag and drop of audio from desktop?

It can…


I’m finding drag & drop audio from desktop or explorer does not work either. I am using Windows8.1 and CB7.5.30.

It works fine on Windows7

See attached GIF
Win 7 64 Bit, cubase 7.5.30 64 Bit and Cubase 7.5.20 64 Bit

I definetly cant do it.
when I drag an audio file onto an audio track the cursor turns from arrow to circle with line down it,and dosent drop the file.


This might be a config problem on your machine. Have you contacted support?

hi,no I haven’t.thought id try on here first.

In other posts regarding this kind of thing, the advice I have seen is to verify that you have installed Cubase with adminsistrative priviledges, and for all users. There might be other config stuff to check also, which support can help with.

Also, you would get more response if your topic is an actual sentence that describes the problem, like “Unable to drag files into Cubase project”.




The UAC thing did not work for me, I still have the same problem.

working! whoohooo


go to Program files …
cubase.exe …
right click…
detick “open as administrator”

and it work now


YES AWESOME ! That’s fixed it… thanks !