Dragging a MIDI file from Superior 2.0 into Cubase copies that track's drum map to other MIDI tracks

Very latest version of Cubase, though this happened in 9.5 as well. Please see if you can repro. I think it may have to do with my MIDI>MIDI File settings in prefs.

Create two MIDI tracks, one for Superior 2.0 drummer and another for anything else.
Put a drum map on the Superior MIDI track.
Drag a MIDI file from Superior onto its proper MIDI track.

Note that the other MIDI track now has the Drum Map from the Superior track.

This has to be a bug as there is no situation where this would ever be desirable.

Let’s establish a solid repro. I get it every time.



This is an old issue and it’s not on Cubase side. This issue is on some instruments side.

The problem is, some of the instrument are dragging 2 MIDI tracks in fact. The 1st one is a tempo track, but it’s invisible. The 2nd one is the wanted MIDI data one. This is the reason, why does it sit to the next track at the end.

I’m not sure how this can not be a Cubase issue. There is no real MIDI data going to the track, or tempo. It’s the drum map that is being duplicated. Superior has no concept of a drum map. Even if what you say is happening, that drum map should not be duplicated over to an existing track. Only Cubase can do that.

I would like to hear how this can possibly be Superior’s bug. I work in software. This seems far-fetched.

Also, it did not used to happen with Cubase 8.x and Superior. I believe this is new, bad behavior. This is my perspective. Please do not dismiss it as a known, old bug. It can be fixed by the Cubase team, I am quite sure.


It’s not a bug. Actually it’s more like an incompatibility between the host (Cubase) and the plug-in.

While drag and drop the plug-in drop two tracks:

  • tempo track
  • data track

Cubase sees two tracks. In the 1st track, there is no expected MIDI data (Cubase cannot insert tempo data to the common MIDI Track), so Cubase keeps it empty. On the 2nd track, there are expected MIDI data (MIDI Notes), so Cubase inserts it to the track.

Some other plug-ins don’t put the tempo track, so there is not the issue between that plug-in and Cubase.

I remember some changes in this area somewhere around Cubase 8.5 and Cubase 9. This is probably the reason why this specific case worked in C8 to you but doesn’t work in C9.5 now. It could be exactly opposite with other plug-in.


Stop blaming it on the plugin. You’re copying a drum map from one track to another when that should not happen, regardless of the stuff coming in from the drag and drop.

Fix it and stop making excuses.

Thank you.


Let me put it this way - would there ever be a case where a plugin would intentionally do this so that Cubase should then copy over a drum map. Cubase is doing the copying, not the plugin.

Please fix. This is 100% Cubase bug.