Dragging a track to another produces UNDOABLE results?

Have anyone tried dragging a track to another in the console?

What happens is that the whole track setup is copied to the destination track except routing and vst instrument. Weird feature, isn’t the expected result that you reorganize the tracks as in the project window? What’s worst of all is that there is NO UNDO available for this action. I learned this the hard way, you know that way that produces alot of curses.

While on the topic of weird decisions. Reverting to the last saved version also DELETES every backup saved after this version was saved without asking. Great.

No, not really - you must be new to Cubase…?
Apart from that, that’ s just what the manual says will happen, if you drag one track an drop it on the other…

Thats the best way to never forget that anymore…

I couldn’t find anything about it in the manual when I looked over the console section, but I’m sure you’re right. And yes I’m a new cubase user coming from Logic which sometimes, feels more logic (pun intended). But I have come to accept these differences in thinking. Logic has it’s own fair share of “what the hell did they think” issues. Like HOLDING the mouse down on everything, why? Either way, I’ll just be sure to never make that mistake again.

As it is, you’ll all have to agree that NO UNDO here is a bad idea.

Both (Mixerchannel DragnDrop and undo redo for mixer actions) are two of the more frequently asked-for features of the Cubase users for a long time already…

I can imagine why, it’s incredibly easy to drag a track like that in error, and of course it’d be useful with mixer undo in general. I must admit though that nor Logic has mixer undo.

Wow that is so cool.

I only just upgraded to Cubase 7 so I’m not up to speed with all the new features.

You can drag and drop a channel onto another in the Mix Console to copy it’s settings. I love this feature very useful for my workflow.

I realise the OP found this to be a PITA - but it did gives me the heads up about this feature.

I really must find some spare time to RFM.

well one mans bitch, the others darling. :wink:

Yes, and nothing happens. No settings are copied, it just does not work.
Can you please explain the steps. PC or MAC?

oops found it. I did not try dragging the channel name, that did it. :blush:

Yeap that’s the way to, unfortunately, do it :stuck_out_tongue: