Dragging a VSTi from Media Bay

Is this supposed to work? If I drag an effect to the project window, it creates an FX track. If I drag a VSTi like that, I get a horrible lock up. Total crash. Any type of VSTi. Just wondering what the story is there since I thought I saw that as a feature (not the crash :wink:

You have to drag it across to the Track List on the left hand side and you will see a Green Line appear under at the bottom or in between tracks. Drop it there no problem.

When i drag a VSTi into the project window, it works fine. I don’t need to drag it over to the track header. So whatever is causing this, it’s not happening to every one.

I was just replying to what you said above now you are saying it works fine. I’m obviously missing some :confused: :smiley:

No that’s me!

Whoops sorry :stuck_out_tongue:: Richard old age my friend. LOL

I’m fairly certain I did do that, since that’s the logical process. Might be the plugin I used so I will check again. Thanks for the response.