Dragging an external instrument's part to the Sampler Control Tab creates a broken sample

When dragging an external instrument’s part to the Sampler Control Tab, a broken sample is created and loaded into the sampler track.

Expected behaviour:

  • Cubase renders the external instrument’s part in the background and loads a proper sample into the sampler track (preferable); or
  • Cubase does nothing.


What do you mean by “broken sample”, please? How is it broken, in which way, please?

It’s not the same as the outcome of rendering in place of the said part. It’s not totally random, as the sample depends on the source material (I guess), but it’s super glitchy and sounds like a small snippet is time stretched a lot, and the process itself takes way too short in comparison to rendering in place.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. create external instrument
  2. create a midi part with notes on the external instrument’s track
  3. drag the part to sampler control tab.
  4. listen the the sample created in the samplertrack.


Could you provide the sample which has been created while drag and drop to the Sampler Track and Render in Place sample for comparison, please?

Ok. A little correction. The result is the same when an empty midi part (which doesn’t contain any notes) is dragged to the sampler control tab. The resulting sample contains basically a digital noise which has to be normalized within the sampler track to be heard at all.

So I guess the issue is nothing is rendered when an midi part (with notes) from an external instrument track is dragged to the sampler control tab.


I don’t get any noise here, when I try to drag and drop an empty MIDI Part from an Instrument track (with regular VSTi) to a Sampler Track. Is this what you did, please?

Please use “Normalize sample” in Sampler track after.
edit: Yes. There is no noise when dragging an empty midi part from VSTi track. The recorded noise must be coming from the inputs of the audio interface.
edit: That gave me an idea, that actually something is recorded, so I generated constant audio from a synth and dragged an empty midi to the sampler control tab as stipulated earlier.

The resulting sample: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AtbbTGcZOEa1hYhJ5m-cUlJIMhAqWg?e=eXPhef

edit: this is how the synth actually sounds https://1drv.ms/u/s!AtbbTGcZOEa1hYhK-9y44qpQPBkNxg?e=98aunZ

Mind you that it doesn’t matter, if there are any notes in the midi part or not. Cubase ignores them anyway and just records whatever is going into the channel at the time the sample is created and destroys the sample.