Dragging and dropping Groove Agent patterns

So I just upgraded to Dorico 5 and have the Playback template and percussion map set correctly but the patterns in the groove agent are not being transcribed properly when I drag them. It is missed a ride cymbal, the snare fills are not correct, etc.

Probably best to start a new thread for a new problem.

These things can’t be diagnosed without as much detailed information as you can give.
So Groove Agent plays all the samples correctly, but when you drag a pattern to Dorico, they are not displaying with the correct instruments? Sounds like a Percussion Map issue. See what Percussion Map is set in the VST’s Endpoint setup.

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I find this happens a lot too, but many times the map just isn’t set up properly. Drag the GA audio into a DAW that has a piano roll, and check what MIDI notes are actually being used in the file. Then cross-check that with the percussion map in Dorico to make sure they all match, especially any instruments that you find are missing when dragged in Dorico. If there are notes in the GA file that don’t match your Dorico map, then edit or add them to the map. If you don’t have another DAW you can try dragging it on to a Piano in D5 just to see the notes, but I’m not 100% sure that will get everything.

That said, I’ve found there are some bugs with drag-n-drop. If it still isn’t working correctly after you test the map, try importing the MIDI file and see if imports correctly. If you have a discrepancy between drag-n-drop and import using the same MIDI file and same percussion map, then report it to the development team.