Dragging and Nudging notes causes duplicates

I’m have a very random issue with midi notes in the key editor.
If I select and drag a note, 8 times out of 10 it will duplicate the note. Same with nudging.
If i select the note by dragging around it, i can then drag it and it works fine.
Am i doing something wrong? Ive seen people just click on the note and drag it without selecting it first.
Fairly new to all this, and using Elements 11.


Are you sure there is only 1 MIDI Note at the place (before you drag it)? Are you on Mac or Windows ,please? If you are on Windows, could you attach a screenshot of the Studio > Studio Setup > MIDI Port Setup window, please?

I’m using Windows 10. Latest update for everything.
Definitely only one note. In fact i tried putting just one note in manually and moving it. Sometimes it works, which means I’m doing it right, other times its not, and I’m not doing anything different.
As i said, if I select it by drawing around the note, and then click and drag i can move it fine.

Hmm, here’s a strange thing. I just swapped over my mouse, as i have been having issues with it, and things seem to have settled down. I’m not suggesting this was the solution, after all it doesn’t effect the Nudge at all, but at the moment i cant recreate the issue.
Ill see how it goes
This is the screen shot. Not sure how to embedded it.

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