Dragging audios between lanes of the same audio track

Hello! my name is Pablo.

I’ve recently moved from Cubase 5 to Cubase 8.5, and I’m loving every aspect of it. Both the audio engine and the additional features are huge improvements!

Although many of the procedures and the hotkeys remain the same, I’m having probles with one particular action. I’m having a bit of problems using the new lanes. Specifically, I’m having problems dragging audios from one lane to the other, without affecting its time location. Back in Cubase 5 all I had to do was to hold the Control key to lock the position (which is still the procedure in 8.5 for dragging audios between tracks). But now, when I press Control, what happens is that I listen to the audio i’m trying to drag.

So, what’s the current method for dragging audios beween lanes inside the same audio track?

See if the SHIFT key works for you …

Simple workflow adjustment. You need to hold your click first, then hold CTRL now.

just before u release :laughing: press ctrl

Only if he wants a copy…

Same behaviour in C9. Is there anyway of disabling this feature?