Dragging Chord Track Events "Cmd" Doesn't Work

Hi to all.

Command key does not work when dragging Chord Track events to midi/instrument track. It appears as working while they hover, but when released, they land exactly where they hovered, not where they were snapping to.

What is the L key supposed to do?

My mistake. I mean Command Key. Must be me being delirious while I wrote. Will fix.

Or you meant the Hell key. :wink:

By default, cmd/ctrl suspends snapping, but it sounds like you are saying you expect it to snap? Could you describe in detail, it as you were talking to an intelligent monkey? :wink:

OK Steve, I’ll do my best :slight_smile:
We take an event or a part and drag it to ANOTHER appropriate TRACK. If we hold down the Cmd key, this event or part will land EXACTLY in place vertical-wise. No matter how our hands tremble, the Cmd key snaps it in its original location in time. It’s a very handy feature, and you don’t have to worry if your J key is engaged or not. It’s very useful when you are zoomed out a lot.
But this does not work for Chord track events. It acts as if it’s working, but when you release your load, it is not in place if you hover not so precisely. Of course, the J key is of help, but with the Cmd key engaged while dragging, you don’t have to worry at all about your new nesting location.


  • Drag from chord track to midi track holding Ctrl to constrain position
  • Move selection horizontally while still holding Ctrl (GUI indicates it’s still constrained to position)
  • Toggle Ctrl and you can see the difference between actual position and constrained position
  • Release mouse button
    –> MIDI is created at whatever position was indicated when constrain position was off and constrain position is ignored

Thanks for the repro. Reported: CAN-14334

It is still present in version 8.2.