Dragging from chord track to chord pads: result is an octave down

When i drag a chord from the chord track to a chord pad, the notes are played an octave lower.
I found a few places, which mention TRANSPOSE… one of them only allows me a +11 up, not really an octave lower.
the other TRANSPOSE option gives me "remote key already in use, when i choose octave +1.
I’m confused.
the generated chords, require me to upgrade my MPKmini to a 32 key unit, lol.

Use this area from Chord Pads’ setup menu instead and give me the money for the new keyboard.

LOL, you drive a hard bargain.
I looked up that page in the HELP…
I haven’t gotten into CONTROLLER stuff (or maybe a little 20 or 30 years ago)
I haven’t the faintest idea what to do at this screen.
Am I to set my MPKmini so that if i press a key, it sends a signal to the chord pads to transpose the pad on the chord ?

If your little joystick is set to send CC#1 (on up and down) you can transpose the chords with it. Or use the keys that represent C2 and C#2 to go down or up. Try it, it’s fun.

Good. I will look at that.
Before I do. Isn’t this a ‘performance’ thing ? Like if I lift the stick it will transpose until I let it go ?
I would want the pad to be always in the upper octave so that I can drag all the chords into the track ?
So busy with halion 7 Now. Their chord pads have so many progressions compared to Halion 6.