dragging from Dorico to cubase

hi ,

Is there a way to drag only a piece of a midi part from Dorico to Cubase? is it possible to cut up a midi part in Play mode? Seems like I have to take the whole thing or nothing.



Any MIDI data that you can drag in Cubase can be dragged into Dorico’s Play mode. In fact, Dorico will receive MIDI data from any application that can initiate a ‘drag’ of MIDI data.

thanks Ben,

right, no problem going from Cubase to Dorico but I’m dragging from Dorico to Cubase, it’s seems like in Play mode you can drag the midi track when it’s closed ( not showing the individual notes just the track) but even then it drag and drops sometimes but sometimes it just won’t move, wondering if there’s a setting I need to change or a key modifier or something. Can’t find anything in the manual.


I think you can drag the piano roll data to Cubase.

I can’t get the Piano roll data to drag , anyone know for sure if that’s possible? Would be great.

No, this isn’t currently possible, but it’s something that we’d like to support in a future release.

thanks Paul,

So Is there a way to cut up a midi part in Play mode ? also dragging the midi part works sometimes and then sometimes it won’t drag, any ideas on that?


No, I’m afraid there’s no way to split or drag parts at present.

My mistake! Sorry for the ‘bum steer’.

it’s weird because I can definitely drag parts from Dorico to Cubase but sometimes it just stops working

Ah, it could be that some of my experimental code to do this is still in the application. It’s definitely not a supported feature at the moment, so the circumstances in which it does work may be mysterious at best…