Dragging in MIDI from Addictive Drums

I’m wondering if this is suppose to happen or if it’s a bug or something:

While using Addictive Drums, when I drag over the MIDI preset beats onto my Addictive Drums’ track, the name of that MIDI preset gets applied to some random MIDI track I have below. It doesn’t change the settings on that MIDI track, just the name. It’s either that or Cubase creates a new MIDI track. This also occurs if I’m using AD in VE Pro or Plogue Bidule. Maybe there’s a preference I’m missing?

Thanks for the input.

Try unticking all options on the MIDI import section of Prefs., especially the Master Track one.

Great! Thank you–that did the trick. Unfortunately, it now renames my Addictive Drums track to whichever MIDI preset I’m dragging in. It’s better than what it was doing however.

Yeah, AD is a pain that way. The audition feature of AD rots, too. Everything’s based off of bar 1. :imp:

I got the same kind of issues with AD and here is the answer from tech support:
"Go to the menu File -> Preferences. In that window, go to the MIDI / MIDI File item in the list.

In the Import Options section - uncheck all boxes except the “Ignore Mastertrack Events on Merge”, then click Apply. Now you should be able to drag the midi grooves from AD directly to the Addictive Drums instrument track."