Dragging linked lanes with one lane closed screws up...

Let me try and explain that a little better. A picture speaks a thousand words so please refer to the attachments.

Two tracks, Body and Neck, are group-edit linked. Body has lanes open; in Neck they are closed. (See ‘Drag lanes before’.)
I drag the Body audio in lane 2 to lane 1.
It doesn’t move; instead, it is overlayed by Neck and the Neck track is now empty! (See ‘Drag lanes after’.)
Body is still there, as deleting the Neck event confirms.

Being in a group-edited folder is irrelevant. It does the same even when moved out of the folder…

The only way to avoid this is to have lanes on both tracks open, which can involve more scroll-and-click than I want when I’m in the zone. Moreover, it’s too easy to overlook.

It seems ridiculous that group-editing fails, simply because lanes are closed on one of the tracks.

Hope that’s clear. C
Drag lanes after.PNG
Drag lanes before.PNG