Dragging MIDI (ADII) files into Nuendo

Hey all!

I’m using Addictive Drums II, and it has a drag and drop feature where I can just grab a preset drum beat and drag it into a Nuendo track. It’s supposed to get placed in the ADII track, where I’ve set it up to snap in place. The problem is that every time I drag in a file, it generates a brand new Instrument Track.
When this happens, I must drag the file AGAIN up into the ADII track, then go back and delete the extra Instrument Track. While this works, it’s klunky and it seems like there must be a neater way to accomplish this. Thanks!


The similar issue is here with some other VSTis, like Spectrasonics or NI Kontakt. But other plug-ins work as expected. As far as I know, the problem is, that some MIDI files, which are dragged to the Nuendo, contain the Tempo information. This force Nuendo to create a new MIDI track an unfortunately, the MIDI Info data are loaded to the currently selected MIDI track (in a wrong format, so we cannot see them). The wanted data are loaded to the next non-existing MIDI track.