Dragging MIDI from Cubase to Dorico

I am trying to drag MIDI from CUBASE 12 into DORICO 4. I seemed to think it was possible - am I wrong?

Not an expert but I seem to recall you could, but it had to be to the play window… Could be wrong though.

Yeas that’s what I read, but it does not seem to work.

I recall that this is one of Dorico 3.5’s features that has not yet made it into the rebuilt Play Mode in Dorico 4.

Thanks! So it was an upgrade…with a downgrade ah ah

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Precisely, that’s why I’m still waiting to upgrade… Personally I need the Tempo track and multiple CC windows simultaneously. And hope Dorico remembers those View settings next time I open them, because I hate having to do it every time I open a project.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the CC editors are in the lower zone now, so it only shows the one (instrument) that you have selected.

Sure, but I read this feature is coming in a future update, right?

Hi John, will you re-introduce the ability of drag / drop midi elements form CUBASE into DORICO and perhaps vice-versa?

Hopefully - I don’t program anything though, so I’ll let somebody else on the team comment.

Currently you can only drag a midi file into write mode, then the midi import dialog opens. This way you can then specify and also import into the same file (different flow/part), but only at the beginning.

Thanks John! That would be an amazing feature to have re introduced!