Dragging MIDI patterns into a track = missing hi-hats

In both GA5 and SE5, I’ve had this issue many times and need a solution. I find a pattern I like in Style editor and click+drag it into the GA track without a problem. If the pattern has a ride cymbal it plays the same pattern in the track as in GA but if there’s a hi-hat, the drums and other cymbals are there but no open or closed hi-hat. Can anyone shed light on this problem? Thanks!

I’m digging deeper into this issue and found that the Hi-Hat pattern is not missing, however it’s not showing up on the correct key for the Hi-Hat. The dragging action seems to shift the Hi-Hat pattern to a lower key and for some reason it’s always one of the keys that will play the entire kit pattern when that key is pressed. Therefore if I copy all of those notes and move them up to the closed Hi-Hat key, it sounds as it should. It’s still a mystery why this is happening and also why the ride cymbals don’t have the same problem. Furthermore, I found that not every pattern that uses closed HH has this happen during the dragging process: only some of the patterns move the HH notes. Any ideas on how to prevent this occasional closed HH note movement?

Discovering that the HH keys are changing during dragging was a big step forward for me, however I’m finding the recreating the HH pattern can be quite complex with GA5, especially when there’s an intricate HH pattern that may use 2, 3 or more different HH samples in the pattern. I mean come on, there are about a dozen HH samples, many of which sound similar so it’s difficult and frustrating when I you have to guess which of those were used with the pattern I want to use. Of course it’s great to have so many HH sounds to choose from, however needing to recreate the HH pattern makes finding this bug and fixing it critical to being able to use the groove patterns that come with the program.
Thank you if you’ve read my posts and have an insight into how to fix this issue.

Did you try this?
(Use Pattern MIDI Port for Pattern Pads)
GA Patterns

Hi misohazo and THANK YOU! That fixed my problem. I appreciate you taking the time to point this out to me, I would never have found that and I am very happy to have the HH patterns in my song sound the same as they did in GA. :smiley: