Dragging more than one staff

I’m sure I used to be able to do this, but I seem to have lost the knack. I’m in the vertical spacing view of Engrave mode, and I Crtl-click on two adjacent staves. I drag them up (or down), and I can see both staves moving together. (I wiggle them a bit in this video to show this.)
But when I release the mouse button (or the Ctrl key), only one of them has moved.

What have I forgotten to do?

I think when clicking and dragging, you can only move one staff; you can use the key commands to move multiple staves, e.g. Alt/Opt-up arrow or add Ctrl/Cmd for larger moves.

Edit: I even specified that in the manual, so it must be true…?


That’s what I forgot! And that will teach me not to depend on my notoriously unreliable memory. Thanks again.

One rule of thumb (and a very easy one) is : “don’t drag things with your mouse in Dorico. Because that’s not how it’s been designed to work”.
Hope it helps!

Actually, I now know why I did such an apparently strange thing by not consulting the manual. It was that I’d reminded myself of the technique earlier today by watching a video by the inestimable Anthony Hughes, which is largely concerned with dragging with the mouse, and that includes multiple staves (this is at about 1:33):

It’s only now that I notice the video dates from 2017, and I realise that, eek, that’s already 4 years ago. From now on I shall certainly RTM before posting a query. Lesson learned.