Dragging multiple chords from Chord track to MIDI or Instrument track is always shifted off-grid

I have an issue that has persisted over at least C11-12 (am not on 13 yet). When I drag multiple chords from the Chord Track onto an Instrument track, it is always shifted off-grid to where my mouse when I’m holding Cmd (meaning it can be just a few ms off or many seconds, never even grid/bar lengths).

If I don’t hold Cmd it snaps to grid (if Snap is on). But if I’m dragging a chord that’s not on the current grid size (for example a 1/16th syncopated chord not on the 1) I would like to hold Cmd to maintain the time position, as is normally the case in Cubase.

I don’t know if this is intended, but it’s often an issue for me.


Could you attach s screenshot, please?

See screenshots below of me selecting chords, dragging to Instrument track and releasing while holding Cmd. Chords end up where mouse pointer is, not kept at their time positions, which holding Cmd normally does.