Dragging notes vertically only in Score Editor

Hello folks

Using the Score Editor in Cubase 9 on PC.
I’m working on a passage that mixes a lot of triplets and straight notes. It’s infuriating when editing because if I have to change/drag the pitch (vertical) of an existing note I first have to make sure the Quantize Preset is appropriate for that note (eg 1/4 Triplet). When the notes I am changing the pitch of are straight one moment, and triplets the next it’s easy to forget to do this, so often it creates a real mess of notes, which I then have to delete, then go and change the Quantize Preset. Then moments later I’ll have to remember to change it again.
Is there a way to ‘lock the drag’ to vertical? So that even if I have a Quantize Preset innappropriate to the note I’m moving, it won’t matter as I wont be altering the time position of the note, only the pitch.
Does this make sense?
I read somewhere that Ctrl is meant to do this - But it doesn’t! If I try to drag the pitch of, say, the middle note of a triplet, and the Q Preset is 1/16 then whether I’m holding down Ctrl or not, a mess of notes appears as it immediately tries to align things to a Triplet quantize setting.
I don’t know if I’ve described this very clearly! Does anyone get what I mean?

Any help would be very welcome.

By the way I already have the Constrain Movement thingy checked in Preferences.


The Constrain Direction (Ctrl/Cmd modifier) works in the Key/Drum/List/In-Place Editors only. You cannot switch the Snap Off in the Score Editor.

I would either recommend to use Key Commands to transpose the notes or to setup the Grid, which fits both of your options (Triplet and Straight).

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:joy: I can’t even tell how infuriating was for me to learn the Score Editor…
I simply don’t have words to describe my extreme frustration.

Anyway, this could be a feature request…
That is to have a “Set quantize preset to selected note” command.