Dragging Parts Lagging behind

Hi Robert,
The Graphics card was the first place I looked. :slight_smile:
I am using an ASUS EAH 4350 Silent DI 512MB 2/A. I think it also goes under the name ASUS ATI Radeon however because I believe one of those companies bought the other. Alternately I tried plugging directly into the Motherboard’s GPU output but the problem remained. Based on pooling your info and mine I would not think the problem is NVidia related.

Alright! Good to know. That certainly means that the issue is not related to any specific model or brand of graphics card. Mine has been working completely flawless in all other softwares or earlier versions of Cubase, so the problem has to be in the software itself.

indeed, because of the various little workflow-hindering updates to cubase 8 i am staying on version 7.5.

If this helps…

My HD5450 video card recently died and I swapped it out for an older HD5450 512MB card.

Used the same driver for it but suddenly got hit with laggy graphics in Cubase 8.0.30 and quite high asio load

I’ve just received a replacement HD5450 (1GB) and popped that in and with the same driver, everything is back to normal.

No laggy graphics and considerably lower asio load.

Am going to purchase 8.5 next week so will update here if there are any changes.

Wow Mozart. Definitely let us know the outcome. I had tried to upgrade my graphics card and almost lost my entire system because the driver removal software uninstalls more than just the graphics card drivers. Thankfully I backed up my system before proceeding. It will be nice to see if you encounter the problem with C8.5. And it sure wouldn’t hurt to do a backup of your main hard drive before installing your new card (and I don’t mean just setting a restore point).
Thanks for the post.

Thanks for the reminder about doing a bacup. Must admit i’ve been getting lazy of late and not doing them.

Thanks for the heads up about the driver removal software too, Was going to try that. So glad I didn’t!

Going to purchase 8.5 today. Will let you know how I get on…

So I’ve just installed 8.5. Tried some initial tests on a project I was workin on in 8.0.30 and I’m not seeing any noticeable difference in dragging speed or any lag. Sorry if that’s not very helpful…If you need any specs from me, do let me know

That’s quite interesting Mozart. Thanks for the results. Can you tell me a little more about your system such as:

  1. Motherboard manufacturer
  2. Already know your GPU is an HD5450 (1GB)
  3. Are you on Windows 7? or another operating system.
  4. How much system memory?
  5. CPU Processer and speed.

Thanks again and your email was VERY helpful.
Take care,

No probs.

Mobo: Asus p9x79
Windows 7 sp1 64 bit
64GB ram
Processor i7 3930k hexcore overclocked to 4.4GHz

System is a from Scan 3xs.

Thanks Mozart,
you have a blazing fast system. my goodness. I’m going to ask a few users on this board how much memory they have on their graphics card. I have only 512mb.
again thanks for your info and reporting back so promptly.


Mozart: Thanks for chiming in!

Would you say you’re getting the same snappy feel of the GUI in C8/8.5 as in C7.5 and earlier versions when working on a project that has around 15-20 tracks?

Hi Joey,

Yeah I have the exact same issues with Cubase 8.5, and Cubase 7.5 is working perfectly.

Here’s a couple of videos I did (please excuse the unedited iphone recording) showing the difference in performance between the two with midi note resizing -

Cubase 7.5

Cubase 8.5

It’s a show stopper for me and has been the reason I haven’t been able to use any incarnation of Cubase 8 so far. Both paid upgrades so far have been a waste of money imo.

I have a pretty grunty new machine from AAVIM Technology and am still getting this issue.

So frustrating - why did they have to change to this Aero theme requirement?? It’s completely ruined the program for a lot of users. I’m surprised it’s not fixed in Cubase 8.5, and instead we are getting pretty new icons in the media bay rack.

Hey everyone

Been struggling with this issue for a while, and seem to have found a solution-ish. I’ll write everything I experimented with so hopefully bits of it might help others who are getting the problem.

So I work in projects sometimes over 1000 tracks with a lot of audio/MIDI/instrument and FX tracks, and the rubber band thing (which occurred during moving items, using the scissors, re-sizing, drawing a selection box and a lot more), was there whether I had a 1500 track project open, or a blank project with a single MIDI track…

I can confirm it has nothing to do with the power or specs of your PC. I had this issue on my old one, and the new one which I got recently, with the fastest i7 CPU, full of RAM, clean install of windows blah blah.

At first, I thought there was an issue because I would get the lag more on my 4k monitor, than if I dragged the project to the other 1080p screens… so I got a good GPU… no luck. It was a bit faster, but the main problem was still there… hence, GPU will not fix the issue.

In the end, I found the 8.0.0 version of Cubase saved on a hard drive. I uninstalled the version I had (not sure which update it was… the latest I think)… installed 8.0.0, and voila, the problem has disappeared, completely, for projects of all sizes. If you can, it might be a good idea to try and put the original version 8 back in and see if this solves it for you too, I’d be very curious to know if the problem is in one of the updates! I can’t remember if there are any really important features of any of the updates which might stop people downgrading back to the original version?

Anyway, hope it helps.


I received mail from technical support manager. This is part of mail:
“It looks like development found the issue two days ago. At the moment it’s scheduled for the next maintenance updates for both Cubase 8.0.x and Cubase 8.5.x and should be released within the next two to six weeks.”

So waiting now for the update/fix and hope this issue will be solved once for all, since it was deal breaker for any further updates and working with such stutter was a drag!
Thnx Steinberg for looking to solve this problem, it’s been a long but manager contacted me all the time as they were making progress… :slight_smile:

Well that IS great news prolik. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Hi Robert,

I wasn’t sure the PM response I made to you ever left my Outbox so here is the message:

Sorry for the late reply but I was out of town at NAMM for a few weeks. Great show btw. I got Chris F Martin’s autograph and spoke with him for quite a while at a reception held for us NAMM Foundation non-profit associates. He’s a cool guy.

Thanks for the feedback. I have gone back to C7.5.

I have, however, ordered a 1GB graphics card. Totally different brand than my current Radeon 512MB card. Basically just troubleshooting and it can’t hurt (hopefully) to upgrade the card.

But I fear you are right. Something in the C8+ software is not playing nice with the GPU. Too bad. It must have something to do with Steinberg’s decision to insist on Windows users turning on AERO. Although, didn’t you say you had the same issue on a Mac? Please let me know.

I’m sure Steinberg will get it sorted out.

I have upgraded to Nvidie Geforce GTX 950 which should eat maxed-out games at 1080p.
The problem still persist in Cubase, yet 10-20% better - but it’s still there.
So, waiting for the fix :slight_smile:

OH darn, I was hoping upgrading my graphics card would solve the issue. Thanks for reporting this Prolik!!

The Cubase 8.5.1 updated has completely fixed this for me now and no need to use 8.0.0 anymore! Happy days

Thanks Dorian, Can’t wait to try it.