Dragging Parts Lagging behind


I received mail from technical support manager. This is part of mail:
“It looks like development found the issue two days ago. At the moment it’s scheduled for the next maintenance updates for both Cubase 8.0.x and Cubase 8.5.x and should be released within the next two to six weeks.”

So waiting now for the update/fix and hope this issue will be solved once for all, since it was deal breaker for any further updates and working with such stutter was a drag!
Thnx Steinberg for looking to solve this problem, it’s been a long but manager contacted me all the time as they were making progress… :slight_smile:

Well that IS great news prolik. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Hi Robert,

I wasn’t sure the PM response I made to you ever left my Outbox so here is the message:

Sorry for the late reply but I was out of town at NAMM for a few weeks. Great show btw. I got Chris F Martin’s autograph and spoke with him for quite a while at a reception held for us NAMM Foundation non-profit associates. He’s a cool guy.

Thanks for the feedback. I have gone back to C7.5.

I have, however, ordered a 1GB graphics card. Totally different brand than my current Radeon 512MB card. Basically just troubleshooting and it can’t hurt (hopefully) to upgrade the card.

But I fear you are right. Something in the C8+ software is not playing nice with the GPU. Too bad. It must have something to do with Steinberg’s decision to insist on Windows users turning on AERO. Although, didn’t you say you had the same issue on a Mac? Please let me know.

I’m sure Steinberg will get it sorted out.

I have upgraded to Nvidie Geforce GTX 950 which should eat maxed-out games at 1080p.
The problem still persist in Cubase, yet 10-20% better - but it’s still there.
So, waiting for the fix :slight_smile:

OH darn, I was hoping upgrading my graphics card would solve the issue. Thanks for reporting this Prolik!!

The Cubase 8.5.1 updated has completely fixed this for me now and no need to use 8.0.0 anymore! Happy days

Thanks Dorian, Can’t wait to try it.