Dragging plugins across mixconsole... no automatic scrolling?

Say, I need to move a plugin from channel #1 to channel #50. When I reach the end of the mixconsole window it doesn’t scroll automatically to next channels. I have to drop the plugin into a temporary spot, scroll, and then rinse and repeat.

Is there a key combo that allows scrolling, or is it the way it is?

How about copying the plugin in the insert, and arrowing to the destination track and pasting?

I’m sorry, I’m not aware this is possible. Is this a new feature? Dragging (moving) or alt-dragging (copying) stops at the end of mixconsole window. Is there a shortcut like ctrl-c ctrl-v? I didn’t see anything in steinberg help section or forum (maybe missed).

How do you do this? I can’t get it to work, this would be very handy!

In the plugin itself there’s a little triangle button in the top right. Click that and choose Copy “Plugin” Setting.

Then you can open another instance of that same plugin and choose to paste from the same menu.

Ah ok, I was aware you could paste the setting. I must have mis-read what -steve- wrote; it sounded to me like a quick 2 step procedure - copy the inserted plugin slot, and then paste it into an empty slot, without having to go into the plugin selector dialogue. That’s the beauty of the alt+drag copy thing the OP is asking about (except when it needs to be dragged to a part of the mixer which isn’t visible). Your method is probably quicker in that scenario.

Sorry, :blush: should have tried it before posting! That would be a nice function.

Ok then, will post this in feature requests.

Yeah this issue bugs me too.

Same here, I always “park” the plugin in the mixerchannel to the far right, scroll until the plugin is to the far left, repeat until I reach the channel where I want the plugin to be. Not really handy…

Or you could park the plugin in the mixer’s right zone. This means you can scroll through 100s of channels and still having access to the plugin since the right zone is fixed.

This is a handy idea! Never thought of that…and it is so obvious. thank you! :slight_smile:

I couldn’t figure out how you did this as my right zone is the control room, then I realised you must have parked it in the insert slots for the cues? Very clever!

Clever! ilmolto is referring to visibility zones:


I guess you could even move the channel you’re wanting to copy the plugin to over to the right zone temporarily, then drag the plugin to it and then move back to middle zone.


Wow that’s a game changer for me! I had no idea the mixer could do that :blush: That will be helpful in so many scenarios. Thanks heaps, guys!