Dragging plugins with automations

Dragging plugins with automation data on another slot doesn’t delete the automation!!!
Thanks for this improvement.



Could you be more specific, please? What is the current state, what is an expected state? Is it a bug or feature request?

@Martin.Jirsak I think this is an affirmative sentence, he just thanks Steinberg for this improvement.

Maybe in the past, dragging a plugin with recorded automation on another slot within the same track was causing the automation to be erased.
I think that’s what the OP is referring to.


As Louis said. :slight_smile:
Mathias “complained” (joking) on another 3rd that people don’t realize about improvements.
Still have to fully test it, but within the same channel all seems to work great.

Unfortunately automations don’t get copied to another channel if you drag a plugin from a channel to another. Looking forward to that too!

Of course it does not but you can still copy the automation curve to the new track (before dragging the plugin)

Thanks Louis, that’s how we have to do it at the moment.
Why “of course”?

First, what are you trying to achieve by copying both a plugin and its automation to another track ?
Since automation is quite material specific, I don’t really understand why anyone would need to do such a thing, unless you want to apply it on the same audio file, but then why don’t you just duplicate the track ?

Hi Louis,

that’s default behavior in ProTools: for instance your mixing a similar track and you want the same, let’s say, reverb automation, that cut on the same point, or you want to darken the reverb the exact same way, or any parameter for that matters, behaving the same way. I found my self on that situation quite often, and just dragging make thing easier.


Such a functionality could be enabled in preferences.
For example :

  • :ballot_box_with_check: Copy automation when duplicating or moving an Insert FX to another channel
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I would LOVE that!