Dragging Regions From Sample Editor To Groove Agent One Pads

After drawing 25 regions into the Sample Editor, Cubase will not let me drag any of the regions onto any of Groove Agent One’s pads. I tested the method before drawing in multiple regions and it worked. I have also just tested the practice again in a new project with success.

What could be preventing me from dragging regions onto Groove Agent One’s pads?

Many thanks.

it’s probably the same problem mentioned here.


Thanks for your suggestion but I don’t think the two are immediately related as the process I am referring to is a feature that Steinberg intends on working, as opposed to the query raised in the link you provided. Dragging Regions from the Sample Editor to the pads in Groove Agent One is explained clearly in the operation manual and I have tested it with some success.

For some reason however, a file in which I created 25 regions will not allow me to complete the aforementioned process. I have since started a new file and again tested the process with a few regions successfully. I then continued to create all of the Regions I required (second attempt) and the same problem occurred: I cannot drag Regions from the Sample Editor to the pads in Groove Agent One.

Is it possible this is a bug? If so, how can I advise Steinberg to review the feature’s functionality ?

EDIT: For the record, I have taken to bounce each Region into the Pool from the Sample Editor one by one (is there a way of bouncing the entire list?), and then dragging the newly created audio file from the Pool onto the pads of Groove Agent One. This is effective, be it time consuming.

Setup some Hitpoints instead (auto/manual). Then use Create Slices. Now from the main project window you can drag the sliced loop to any Groove Agent pad, and it will automatically distribute the individual hits to the following pads.


Good suggestion but unfortunately it didn’t work.

If I don’t hold down shift while dragging the sliced loop, the mouse pointer turns into a “no entry” icon. If I do hold down shift, a small box containing “+” appears to the bottom right hand corner of the mouse pointer, but when I release the left mouse button, nothing happens.

My PC is brand new out of the box as was Cubase 7 when I bought it. I’m beginning to think it hasn’t installed properly, although I can’t see how that could have happened…

Are you moving large amounts/slices?

with certain size slices this drag and drop can take some time, where it looks like nothing is happening?

the ‘+’, and the relaease and nothing (seems) to happen is normal until the process is complete, then the slices are there.

Apologies for the belated response.

No, 28 slices. The practice still won’t work with the project I was working on. However, I have been using the process with success in other projects.

Great solution. Thank you!