Dragging samples into Groove Agent from another application

I’m on Mac OS. I use 2 monitors, but have also tried dragging audio outside of Cubase using a single monitor with “Monitors Have Separate Spaces” turned off in System Preferences… I’m simply trying to drag an audio file from a standalone sample manager application “Sononym” onto Groove Agent. I have tried enabling & disabling “Always On Top” for plugin windows. The moment I drag an audio file from the standalone application onto Cubase Groove Agent disappears. How can I force plugins windows to stay on top so I can drag audio from outside of Cubase into Groove Agent or any other sampler VST? This is very frustrating. Looking for help to solve this issue. Thank you to anyone who can solve my issue.


Disable “Always on top” of the plug-in and place the plug-in window out of the Cubase’s Project window.