Dragging tempo mark past other tempo mark irreversibly deletes second tempo mark

Steps to reproduce in Dorico 3.0.10:

  • Create a new project with one instrument and add a meter and 3 bars
  • Create 2 tempo marks, in bar 1 and 2
  • Drag the first tempo mark to bar 3 (with the mouse)
  • Undo

The second tempo mark seems to be irreversibly deleted, even after undo

Yes, that’s true for any items for which it is not permitted to have multiple items at the same rhythmic position, and is the expected behaviour.

But… but… shouldn’t every action be completely reversed by pressing cmd+z?

In an ideal world, sure, but mouse dragging in Write mode entails a specific compromise that means the removal of a like item that can only have a single instance at a single position is not undoable.

I don’t think this is a common operation, dragging tempos past each other with the mouse. If for some reason you are taken with a peculiar compulsion to do this repeatedly, try to divert your unhealthy impulses into using cut and paste for tempos instead.

Thank you for your time to answer me. I genuinely tried to be respectful and helpful and my usage of a computer program being called unhealthy by a company official on a support forum is a new experience for me. Sorry if I misinterpret your post, English is not my native language.

I was (am) concerned that if there are actions that are not reversed by undo, simply trying some new ideas and then pressing cmd+z like 100 times to undo it, does not put everything back. It’s not that I drag tempo marks very often, but when you press undo n times (I do that very often) you don’t necessarily see that not everything is successfully put back. Then afterwards you save the project again, not knowing that you are also saving deletions that you thought were undone. I’m sorry if I take your response too seriously but this was the reason for this report.

mth, I can’t speak for him, but it sounded to me like Daniel was indulging in a bit of dry wit for which the British are well known. :wink: It made me chuckle when I read it.

Reminds me of P.G. Wodehouse!

Sorry if you couldn’t interpret the tone of my reply – I was just pulling your leg. As I said in the first sentence, there’s a technical limitation that prevents the obliteration of like items from being undone when you use mouse dragging in Write mode. My second sentence wasn’t serious, of course, but the advice contained within is genuine: use cut and paste to move tempos rather than dragging them hither and yon with the mouse to avoid existing tempo marks from being removed in a non-undoable fashion.