Dragging VST's MIDI region from Project to Project - Retains Routing

Hi there,

A couple months back I had upgraded to Cubase 10.5 after haviing been on CB 10 for about a year.
A function I’ve become incredibly accustomed to is dragging MIDI regions on an Instrument track from an inactive project to an active one.

Doing this would open up the same instrument settings within itself, as well as the channel setting ie volume, routing, sends/levels, insterts etc.

However in 10.5 it only seems to recreate the instrument but not retain the routing and sends. I just checked again on 10 and this continues to work but I cant seem to find the preference that allows this.

Can anyone tell me how to enable this in Cubase 10.5?



This is not Cubase preferences/Presets folder.

Cubase Preferences folders are:
Mac: ~/Library/Preferences/Cubase X
Win: %appData% Steinberg/Cubase _X__64

Martin, Im not sure exactly if this answer is related to my question or not. If so, could you explain further where this would be helpful?

To simplify - I’m looking to drag midi regions from inactive projects to active ones. This should load in the VST instrument track with identical settings internally, as well as retain routing output to groups and sends within the project.



Sorry, it was probably a post to a wrong thread…

You can use File > Import > Tracks from Project… function in Cubase.

Ahh gotcha, thanks for clarifying! appreciated

And of course, an option not worth forgetting! Dragging in MIDI clips is simply faster and possible, so I figure someone out there might know why this doesn’t seem to work the way it did in 10.

Thanks again Martin!

This is exactly my issue with 10.5 and unfortunately they didn’t fix in 11 either, mostly because it’s probably an unsupported feature. Prior to cubase 10.5 I would just open a deactivated session and drag and drop regions into my current session and it brought in everything from plugins to routing. It’s super fast and easy, however now since 10.5 it doesn’t remember routing or sends. I still import this way but now I just have to manually route the tracks after importing which is still faster than using any of the “official” import dialogues.

the Import Tracks from Project is not desirable because it’s slow and very difficulty to locate and see tracks that have data on them since you are just given a list of track names. For large templates this isn’t easy to use. Track archives are also not desirable because it requires you to open the previous session and wait for it to load, then save the archive then open the current session again.