Draging Events brings them up to front?!

This drives me mad.

I am still in C5.5 cause I am waiting for a better waveform display and transparent events and all the shit Steinberg f**ked up in C6. But now I try to edit some drums in C6 finally cause the stuff features full songs in triplets and 5ths, 6ths etc… So I highly benefit from the “gridlines set to quantisation”.

I stepped over something strange:

If I have overlapping events - and move the Event which is being overlapped by the following event - then the moved Event will be on top after that. That is serious shit!! And because of the CRAPPY CRAPPY waveform-GUI it is even hard to see which event is on top and which below.

I searched the prefs for a setting which disables that but I can’t find.

  • So - how can I switch the Event-behavior to the old way? The way it was since Cubase/Nuendo V1.0?

  • Why does Steinberg chance things all the time? Usually a lot of users are relying on things as a part of their workflow… I just read the post regarding the naming scheme …

It really really makes me angry.




Maybe I was not able to explain that proper enough.

If you have multiple takes/events overlapping and now move an event which end ist BELOW the begin of the following event (typical situation when overdubbing) then it comes to front all of a sudden. So I manually have to trim the end of the moved event so that it will not overlap the beginning of the following event.

How can that be switched off? Is this a bug or a “design change”?


Not sure how to solve it, but a workaround would be to set up a macro to Nav Right to select the next event and then Move To Front.

But then the next event will be on top on BOTH sides - on the beginning AND the end. This will just move the problem. Delete overlaps could be an solution.

But my solution is: Not using Cubase 6

I hope this will not make it into Nuendo 5.5…

True, but you could either set up the Macro with say 10 repeats to cover all clips or just hit the key the desired number of times.

Well, I do not know much about other peoples workflow, but usually I have hundreds of events. Doesn’t mind if drums or Rhythmguitars. I fear I don’t need a workaround - this needs to be fixed. Or maybe I am doing something wrong. Maybe this is fixed in the latest upgrade, I will check that.

Anyway - thanks a lot, Mashedmitten, I appreciate your help!


In C6, dragging muted events will unmute them. I wonder if this is part of the same problem that you are experiencing?

Too many workarounds are required in C6, in order to defeat all these new “automatic” features that affect part muting and cutting. So as you correctly pointed out, the best workaround is to throw C6 in the bin and use C5 until it is fixed.

No worries, and I can appreciate your workflow. Figured the workaround may help others, too. Hope the get this fixed. :sunglasses: