drag'n'drop ins/send/eq mixer buttons

This started off as wanting a quick way to transfer eq settings between channels. It suddenly struck me that it would be great if you could grab the [eq] button on the mixer and drop it on another strip.

Then it struck me that you could do the same for the [ins] and [send] too. Being able to move/copy entire chains in this way would help alleviate this little gripe I was having recently: http://www.steinberg.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=91&t=17748

Or have a track list (as available elsewhere) pop-up on right-clicking the button.

Any thoughts?

Yes please, I too would love to be able to EQ nodes and inserts/sends without creating a template or preset first and then reloading it in the other track.
Is there a way to copy inserts/sends from the mixer? There you can see all the slots, but when dragging an insert to another slot it is moved, not copied.

Alt+drug for inserts, for sends - nothing.


Cheers, I’ll increase the meds :slight_smile:

You can achieve anything using key combo Alt+drug…

There was a thing on the telly just last night about a newspaper apology for a typographical error stating a band member was ‘on drugs’ when it should have said that he was on drums.

It doesn’t mean the first version wasn’t correct.

I’d rather use presets. I’d rather see resources go towards fixing other things like Window’s behavior, to name one.

Ah, back on topic at last. Thanks, mashed (although the diversion was quite amusing fellas). I don’t suppose they’ll be rushing to stick this one in any time soon but it would be a very slick addition and what with the much-mentioned mixer overhaul (whenever that’s due - not soon, anyway) I thought I’d get some thoughts in.

I certainly take your point about other priorities.


This is similar to the thread about track icons. I’ve used hosts that have these features and to be honest after trying to use them, they are limited and in some cases actually a hindrance. It’s not that it wouldn’t be “nice”. There are just so many other things that would be directly useful every time.

I’ve noticed threads about track icons but thought they were just to do with easy id of the track, nothing functional, so never read them. What are the limitations and hindrances you mention? Are they to do with track icons or what I’m proposing? Could you clarify a bit, please? :slight_smile:

Track icons are for what you said “track identification”. However, they take screen space, are not actually identifiable at small sizes and you have to manage them. Track colors work much better in actual usage. So, the effort to create a system for them is a lot of work, for little other than marketing use.

drag’n’drop seems this way to me. Limited real usability. In other words, there are very few times where I’ve wished I could do it in a real world scenario. Plus, there are already track templates and you can mixer presets. Now, I wish they would simplify the mixer preset process. But, somehow the drag’n’drop doesn’t seem to add much actual capability (for me). It’s possible that it is a feature that zillions of editors would kill for. I don’t know. Just seems more like a small use case situation to me.

+1 to all that.

Perhaps you’re one of those people who are able to plan ahead, then! :smiley: I seem to spend at least some time on most projects moving insert chains and eq settings, particularly between audio and group tracks, as I try things out. For me it would be a great help, especially now the idea had occurred to me. On the other hand, I find presets a bit fiddly to use to transfer between channels (they need deleting to avoid cluttering the place up with interim setups), they break the flow and that’s what’s most important for the way things end up being done round here. Between projects is another matter, they are fine when you’re dealing with something more settled.

Well, thanks for your comments (so far), they are all food for thought.


I used to feel exactly like Mashedmitten (and I can fully relate to his comments) … until I got some of it. Now there’s no going back.

Now I view it all as a workbench where I can move things around directly and not having that ability is quite a bummer once you become accustomed to it. People mention x or y but the it’s the totality of it all, x+y+z, that makes it all so useful, not just any one thing.

There’s a practical workflow difference between (as an example) “Okay, here’s an object and when you need a new one, here’s where you have to go to get it.” and “Ok, anywhere you see an object you can use it to make a new one.”

correct! I agree … but if track presets were easier to use they would fit the bill perfectly. Now, you can already d’n’d (not to be confused with D&D) a single effect around. Being able to Multi-Select drag wouldn’t be a bad idea…

Which is not a million miles off how Steve Jobs thought.

Dragging objects about is where it’s at, computing-wise. It’s a missed opportunity not to make the most of what the computer does well.

There are many, many, many of us that like things that are a million miles off what Steve Jobs thought. There are things that do lend themselves to a dumbed down interface. There are things that don’t.